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We're creating a comic MMORPG multiverse with satires and comic features from heroes, villains monsters mixing all the comic power in the history of mankind.


One of the biggest multiversos in our multiverse, the killer with icons like metal man, huku, spinning bug, captain sex appel and not being able to miss the man that changes size


Speaking of popular multiverses, can not miss the AVC comic and their heroes as ultradutra man, spectacular woman, rainbow lantern among other icons like light speed man.


From vony we have clear Carlos, ready to kill all the gods of the Olympus and the whole carcara, there are other unimportant type also the DJ of that game that you steal cars and the police come and etc


Its me Bario, this is where the fun for mmorpg crazy insane and non sense guys begin, not much to say. Time to save the queen from his lover browser, internet explorer to wait for us


Last but not least, the factory of dreams. The perfect world where a duck talks and everyone smoked a lot of drugs where people are happy and when you arrive at the end of the rainbow passes the crack effect and you see yourself in the middle of your own shit and millet


Much More

The game will be constantly updated and expanded with new mechanics and systems aiming at a long-lasting and constructive gameplay where you start as a poop and become a god


About The Zytra

Being straight forward we want your money and in the meantime make you have fun while cashing money in the game. We are waiting for you, our lovely, hot sucker, just kidding, we're not even real.

Or maybe we are and you can enrich me while you have fun with this new idea of browser mmorpg. Already warning you is everything drawn in a crappy and without nexus. There is nothing 3d for now and shit to the world. And if you have 3d also fuck. To do the game slowly I go for what I deem to be fun and more schizophrenic possible.


Making Me Rich Funding the game

The game will be free to play, but but I need to eat, pay people to make sound, help in design, development, support, server. So the pre-funding session is open, six can get in the patreon and give me money.
PS: All lies just want to get rich

10 Bucks 1 Billion BCC How much I have How much I want
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Monster Concept


Interface Concept


Mobile Compatible

We are developing in a way that will not have application but will have a good compatibility with mobile, it will not be as crappy as some games out there...

You will also receive direct notifications on your mobile phone about things inside the game with push notifications.



The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Is an online MMORPG made for browser, in order to merge the most well known multiverses and make a satire from them
At this moment we are in development stage, so it is not possible to play. If you are interested in our road map to know when you can play, just go on roadmap on the main menu!
To create an environment where fans and haters from the biggest universes of comics, games ... can connect battle and have fun
Yes and Yes, Zytra will have non-invasive advertisements different from many browser games there screw with the players, we will try to put them in the most discreet possible, and if you really do not like advertisements can remove them by paying VIP plan that will have many fun things.
Yes we accept almost any help who make us closer to the launch.
Yes, in the future we want to implementate a advanced trading system where the itens on the game can be traded by money or other itens
No, we are making a non pay-to-win game. You just can't access itens with money. The only change is in the future the users will be able to sell their itens by real money to make profit.
That's you need to play to know!
We will not have only one battle system, we pretend to have multiple battle modes. Beginning with a turn based, then going to card battle and maybe in the future an map battle
Is pretty close to others MMORPGS where you have inventory, and storage. You can choose from among the things that the monster drops what your inventory.
But a cool thing from the wells is that collecting rare ingredients will boost your power by over 1000%, of course, for a price of time spent killing monsters
In the beginning we will use Discord as the official chat of the game, however in the future we may have an ingame chat
Yes, initially only via arena, but when it is implemented friendships system will be possible to battle against friends. Another curious option we want is PvP between random players.
You from the moment you enter the maze will start several battles where each new opponent the difficulty increases, and the quality of loot and gold as well. We aimed for a ranking on who went the furthest in the maze as well. But do not go thinking there will be quick and easy battles. We are designing an innovative system to make the game in the browser more dynamic.
The campaign will be a map with places where you must travel and conquer. We created an environment where you are a collector of achievements and created a machine where it is possible to travel between multiverses killing and destroying life. You are the villain, you will infiltrate heroes and villains without mercy! This is where the campaigns of each multiverse and mixed multiverse enter.
For the release not, but we want to implement a system of multiversal conquest. Where you imprison heroes and villains on your travels and use them as slaves to fight for you by destroying and conquering new territories. We are not sure yet, but probably in this part will enter system of exchangeable and collectible cards.
With all the mechanics that we intend to offer better not expect very elaborate graphics, you can get an idea looking at the site. The characters you see are the standard characters that the game will have. We do not promise better graphics than this but our goal is to have a continuity in creating enemies thus making a game with continuous updates and a wide variety of things to do and explore. And you can also expect to blend into the universes as one hour is struggling with 8-bit monsters and at another time you're struggling with 3d characters. It is a multiversal concept that transcends the form of gameplay and visualization.
At first we pretend to be humble and throw 100 enemies in the maze, being able to play in higher difficulties to get better profits and drops and a package with at least 500 different items. But these numbers are only initial, we want to do something really great with at least 20,000 items and more than 5000 characters, monsters and enemies alternating shapes and game modes to make the game more fun fluid, not tiring and not cloying.

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